Application Instructions

1. Must fill in all spaces with a *.
2. Provide a short summary of “why you wish to teach in korea", by using the comment box.
3. Korean American (F4) visa applicants should apply by using the "Foreigners Only" section.
4. All Korean applicants must fill in the required categories under "한국인" (Koreans only), must attach photo.

5. Foreigners must provide 
1) photo 
2) diploma 
3) passport attachments.

6. Under preferred location, if you do not have a choice, please indicate as "No preference".
7. Instructors with no teaching or work experience, type in
8. Comments should be kept to one or two short paragraphs.
9. Click "Submit" button upon completion.

 Resume Modifier

  1.You may revise your resume 
     by  using this resume modifier.

  2.You may access your database
     to attach photo, diploma, or 

  3.After modification, click "reset"