Public Schools in Uljin (울진) Area for November ~ December

6 Temporary Positions to go for F-4 or F-2 in at a Reputable Public Schools in Uljin (울진) Area for November ~ December

What we offer:
1) Public Schools: Elementary schools around Northern Gyung Sang Do (경상북도)
2) Very competitive salary of 2.8 million won for 25 teaching hours per week (Monday to Friday from 9 to 6)
3) Housing provided!!
4) Guaranteed Salaries; you will ALWAYS be paid on time and in full by YBM Head Office in Seoul.

About us:
YBM Sisa is the oldest and largest in English education in all of South Korea. We’ve been around since 1961 and have over 2500 full-time employees. As announced in Hankyung Economic Newspaper we generated over $400 million USD in the year 2005. We have over 106 ECC schools throughout Korea, with 33 of them being company-owned. We have a set curriculum that is constantly being updated by our R&D team at our head office.

If interested in this position please email Stan at ybmb2b@ybmsisa.comwith the following important items:
1) Recent Resume
2) Recent Photo (in .jpg format)
3) Your current address and phone number with the best time to reach.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stanley Ko
Academic Supervisor
YBMb2b Dept.
(02) 2003-1753