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YBM Busan
Sr. Teacher: Geoffrey McLeod
Contact: T(8251) 464 0509 F(8251) 469 0509 busanas@ybmsisa.co.kr
YBM Si-sa B/D, 35-1 Gwangbok-Dong 1Ga, Jung-Gu, 600-031, Busan, Korea

YBM Busan is proud to offer its students a teaching staff of highly-qualified, experienced, and caring native English speakers from Canada, the United States, England, Australia, and New Zealand. YBM Busan is conveniently located near Pusan Station. That means quick, easy access to and from school. Plus, with Nampo Dong (Pusan's entertainment district) just a few minutes away, the school features many outside meetings. This allows students and teachers to interact in a more natural setting that makes for fun and interesting conversation.

For those seeking outdoor activities, Pusan features some of the most beautiful beaches andmountains in Korea. Take a swim or take a hike!
Pusan is the place.


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