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YBM Chongno

Academic Supervisor : Dawson, Gregory James
Phone Contact: (822) 2278 0509
Fax: (822) 2269 0275 chongnoas@ybmsisa.co.kr
55-1 Chongno 2 Ga, Chongno Gu, 4th fl. YBM Bldg, Seoul Korea 110-122

Based in the centre of Seoul, near the recently developed Cheongi Stream, and historical area of Insadong, with bustling shopping and restaurant areas, YBM Chongno is at the forefront of English Language education. YBM Chongno has 62 classrooms, a teachers' lounge equipped with Xerox machines, 2 computers with Internet access, printers, a well-resourced supplementary library and space to plan as well as relax. YBM Chongno employs around 40 foreign teachers from the U.K., Canada, the US, New Zealand and Australia among others. The school fosters a professional and creative environment, and many teachers take opportunities within the company to enhance their teaching careers in areas such as publishing, curriculum development and testing.

YBM schools have set procedures and curricula nation-wide, and each school is overseen by a native English-speaking supervisor. YBM Chongno also provides ongoing staff development and training, and an incentive scheme is in place. YBM Chongno is, in every sense, the biggest of all the YBM Schools, but in spite of this we pride ourselves on having created an extremely warm supportive staffroom atmosphere that is second to none. Furthermore, as we are such a large school, we are generally able to offer teachers a block shift, after an initial period on a split shift.

Our main programs consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

1) YBM Speaking (one and two hour classes, designed to improve students’ level of fluency).

2) Semi & intensive (integrating reading, writing, listening, structure and conversation).

3) Business Academy, (general business, job preparation, presentation and business writing).

4) Test Preparation (TOEIC Speaking & Writing, iBT TOFEL, and SEPT).
We additionally offer Saturday classes, which are paid at a higher overtime rate.
Upon arrival in Korea the school will pay for a motel while orientation and training is underway (paid), and we also assist new teachers in finding an apartment. We lend up to 10,000,000 won (interest free) as a key money deposit on apartments, with no interest being charged to instructors. Some of our teachers take advantage of the 50% discount on our Korean, Chinese or Japanese language programs offered in the same building.
So come and join our team of over 40, professional, Native-English instructors from around the globe.

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