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YBM Daegu

43-3 Beomeo-Dong, Suseung-Gu, Daegu,

James Benoit

Tel: (82)(53) 743-0509
Fax: (82)(53) 742-9349

The city of Daegu is the "right size" for many teachers. Considerably smaller than Seoul, it suffers from pollution, traffic and other urban problems to a lesser degree. Yet, with 2.5 million in population, Daegu has all the conveniences one would expect from a modern Asian city. And, with an efficient transportation system and Palgong mountains being only 30 minutes away, you would never feel trapped in the city.

Daegu - Dongsungro is the newest YBM in Korea. Located in the heart of downtown Daegu, it has the best facilities in all of Daegu. Although the school only opened its doors in June of 2004, it already has an enrollment of 1,000 - 1,500 students per month. Students here are eager to learn and are respectful to their teachers. Compared to many schools in the area, YBM is the most organized with the biggest foreign staff in the downtown area.

Currently there are 9 Native Conversation, 2 Foundation Conversation, 4 Toeic, 1 Toefl, 3 Japanese and 3 Chinese teachers on staff who are always willing to help each other. The whole staff, including administration works as a team and we are very proud of the friendly and professional atmosphere in the school.