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YBM Juan

Academic Supervisor: Andrew Forde
Contact: T(8232) 865 0509 F(8232) 864 7225
Mansong Bldg, 232-8 Juan dong, Nam gu, Inchon Korea 402-200

YBM Juan is the eighth institute to be opened and operated by YBM Sisa, one of the largest providers of YBM services in Korea. It is conveniently located near the Juan Station, about one hour away from Seoul and the new Inchon International Airport.

Inchon, an international port city comprised of 159 islands and one of the 2002 World Cup host cities, lies on the west coast of the Korean peninsula. You can enjoy various leisure activities and sports, such as paragliding, windsurfing, fishing, and mountain climbing. There are many historic sites, beautiful beaches, and seafood restaurants where you can try fresh raw fish.
Here are just a few of the advantages of working with YBM Juan:

- a spacious faculty room,
- a nearby subway station
- large markets (E-Mart traders, Home Plus, and others) not too far away
- restaurants near the institute that deliver for free
- cooperative administration and staff
- institute hours from 6:30 am - 10pm

If interested, please contact Gerald Gallant, academic supervisor at YBM Juan.

3rd Floor, Mansong Bldg. 232-8 Joo Ahn Dong
Namgu, Inchon
Korea (402-200)
Tel no. 011-82-32-865-0509
Fax no. 011-82-32-864-7225


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