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YBM Kangnam

Academic Supervisor: Hannah Yoo
Contact: T(822) 565 0509 F(822) 553 1290
815-4 Man-i Bldg, Yeoksam dong, Kangnam gu, Seoul Korea 135-080

YBM Kangnam, located in the affluent business center of Seoul, opened its doors in the fall of 1983. At that time, it was the first YBM school to open in Korea, as well as the first school to hire native English speakers.

Since that time, YBM Kangnam has established itself as a leader among the schools that followed. Our courses, our staff, and our location makes it an excellent choice for students and teachers alike.

YBM Kangnam offers 9 levels of English instruction, from beginner to advanced. All of our students are adults, mostly college-aged, who choose YBM Kangnam because they want to learn English from dedicated teachers with a genuine interest in their improvement. We offer 1-hour and 2-hour Conversation classes, 3-hour Semi-Intensive and 6-hour Intensive classes (in which students learn Conversation, Reading, Writing, and Audio-Visual work), Business English classes, and Pronunciation classes. At YBM Kangnam we believe that teachers are our most valuable resource, so we welcome their development of new classes, with the aim that they can be established as part of our regular monthly curriculum.

The staff at YBM Kangnam is second to none. We have between 20 and 25 native speaking teachers in any given month. The staff size is large enough that most teachers are able to teach block shifts (not splits), yet not so large that familiarity is lost to anonymity. Each staff member is uniquely appreciated, and all are courteous, professional, patient, and helpful. 30% of our staff has been at our school for more than 2 years. 50% has been here for more than 1 year. They love teaching here. Our core of experienced teachers also provides a great support network for newly arrived teachers.

Kangnam itself is a great part of Seoul. In short, it's where the money is. And yet, because of the economy of scale that Seoul's dense population allows for, everything is reasonably priced. Quality, affordable housing is located within two city blocks. Great restaurants, serving both foreign and domestic cuisine, are located near the school. The subway, costing just US$0.45 per ride, is a two-minute walk from the school. Kangnam is a comfortable place to live, and Kangnam YBM is a wonderful place to study or work.

We invite you to visit our school and see for yourself why YBM Kangnam is a leader in English education.

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