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YBM Language Center, Keondae

YBM Language Center, Keondae
Tel : 02)464-0509
Fax : 02)464-6922
Hanrim B/D 3rd Fl. Hwayang-dong Gwangjin -gu, Seoul, 143-717, KOREA
E-mail : kondaeas@ybmsisa.co.kr

Situated in the heart of a dynamic student area YBM Konkuk Univeristy (Kondae) opened its doors in December 2011. The area is famed for its vibrant nightlife with an abundance of restaurants and bars catering to every taste. Our facility is also within walking distance of Seoul’s iconic landmark, The Han River, the riverside park is a thriving hub of activity with basketball courts, soccer pitches, running tracks, swimming pools, tennis courts and even a climbing wall within close proximity. The area is also home to a burgeoning shopping district with the Star City Mall and several boutiques dotted throughout the Rodeo Street Shopping precinct. The center itself is connected to one of Seoul’s major transport hubs, Konkuk University Station, which provides convenient access to the rest of the city.

The school caters to a diverse student body with university students and business professionals being prominent. We have a small enthusiastic team of instructors from diverse backgrounds who share a love of teaching. The atmosphere in the staff room is jovial and co-operative, and the instructors are backed up by a highly professional and supportive team of administrative staff. The school offers courses in English Conversation, Business English, ‘Hot Topics’ (current events), Media English, Writing and TOIEC. To find out more about us send an e-mail to the address above.

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