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YBM Yeoksam

Academic Supervisor: Cane Rhiu
Contact: T(822) 554 0509 F(822) 554 0587
826-1 Yeoksam dong, Kangnam gu, Seoul Korea 135-080

YBM Yeoksam is located at the center of Kangnam, a dynamic and vibrant part of Seoul. Many Seoulites are attracted to the area for its' mix of business, shopping and entertainment. YBM draws most of its' students from the mix of young professionals and university students who live in the area. Many of the students have experience working and/or traveling abroad or are planning to do so. We offer a collegiate working environment and up to date facilities and conveniences with our self contained six floor building. Teaching materials and internet access are accessible and freely available to all staff, who are welcome to peruse and plan for class at their convenience six days a week. The teachers' office atmosphere is relaxed and cosmopolitan, with an international blend of teachers from a variety of countries, educational backgrounds and disciplines. Surrounding YBM is a fast-paced fusion culture of international restaurants, cafes, traditional tea houses, and shopping of every kind. Italian restaurants jostle for space with Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, American style and fusion restaurants and every Korean specialty at every price range. The street atmosphere is livened by cafes, movie theatres, internet cafes, singing rooms, nightclubs, and arcades that never seem to be closed. If you get the urge to watch a movie, or eat traditional Korean food, or shop at any hour of the night or day, Kangnam is the place to do it, as many Seoulites agree. Kangnam is often called 'the Silicon Valley of Korea,' and for good reason. International banking, travel, or business can be taken care of within walking distance of our school. If you need to travel further ahead, Kangnam station is a major transportation hub, with frequent and efficient local bus and subway services and intercity bus stations located nearby. Waiting more than five minutes for a bus, taxi, or subway is a rarity. Students, other teachers, and the streets of Kangnam themselves are the best tour guides to big city life, Korean style. If you want to know more about life and times as an English teacher at YBM Yeoksam, feel free to contact Hannah Yoo at 822-554-0509, or yeoksam@hotmail.com.




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