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YBM Youngdeungp'o
Academic Director: Anthony Boyd
Contact: Phone: (02) 2632-0509 Fax: (02) 2632 3525
Email : ydpad@ybmsisa.com
10-4 Youngdeungpo dong 3 ga, Youngdeungpo gu, Seoul, Korea 150-033.

YBM's Youngdeungp'o Language Center is located in central Seoul in one of the busiest and most modern retail sectors in the entire city. The school is situated directly opposite Youngdeungpo station, which is a convergence point of the Number 1 subway line, the High Speed Rail line (KTX) to the major southern cities, as well as rail links to most other cities in Korea.

Currently known for its massive shopping malls focused on bringing the best and brightest western goods and lifestyle choices to the local populace, and for having some of the most convenient long-distance travel options in Western Seoul, Youngdeungp'o is constantly reinventing itself. In its past, the area has been a major manufacturing center, a traditional market, and even earlier - a busy river port. Vestiges of all these facets remain, for as with much of Korea, dynamic and rapid change is always supported by a strong sense of identity and a deep connection to the past. Youngdeungp'o is a place of many contrasts

There are still a few traditional markets around the area, and many street vendors that sell anything from fruit to power tools. There are three major department stores, housing two multiplexes with state of the art theatres, restaurants spanning the gamut of ancient Korean cuisine to the very hottest international trends in dining, coffee shops of every description, lounges, bookstores, and bars. The surrounding area is a riot of competing eateries, cafes, and bars - an uncounted host of them. It is incredibly easy to discover something new and incredible just around the corner whenever you go out exploring. Being in such close proximity to the Han River, it is just as easy to leave city life behind in exchange for the peaceful riverside parks for walks and picnics, or relaxing river cruises - day or night. Being near a major train and subway station greatly influences the kinds of students that study at YBM's Youngdeungp'o branch. Most of the students that study at YBM Youngdeungp'o are office workers and business people; however, there are also growing numbers of university students and homemakers. Most classes therefore, have a surprisingly good balance of ages and backgrounds. This wide classroom diversity makes for an interesting environment not only for students, but also for teachers.


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