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YBM Busan Daeyun

Tel : 051-917-0509
Fax : 051)612-4773
Email : sunsss1@ybmsisa.co.kr
2F, Seojeontelcom B/D , Daeyun dong, 73-11, Namgu, Busan

YBM Daeyun is a brand new language institute in Busan, which is surrounded by a young and vibrant student district. Nearby is Kyungsung University, located in the district of Nam-gu. This is southwest of the famous Haeundae Beach, which has an iconic suspension bridge that strongly resembles another bridge in San Francisco. There is also a major shopping area in Haeundae, one of four principle shopping areas, the other three being Seomyeon, Gwangbok-dong, and Busan Dae Hakap in Jangjeon-dong. Busan itself is South Korea’s second largest city, offering all the benefits of a major metropolis, without the drawbacks of living amongst Seoul’s very dense population. The school itself has state-of-the-art facilities and a small, but dedicated and friendly team of teachers. As most of our students are from university or college, they tend to be energetic and engaging. If you want to be far from the madding crowds, but want access to dynamic and authentic Korean culture, this is probably the place for you.