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Tel : 051-516-0509
Fax : 051)516-0512
Email : ybmpnu@gmail.com
6F, Hyo-won Good PLUS B/D , Jang-Jeon dong, 40, Geum-Jung GU, Busan

Busan an exciting, dynamic and inexpensive city located on the southern coast of South Korea. A city which has many beaches, an exciting night life and beautiful mountains all within a moderate temperature (No snow!).
YBM PNU, is located on one of Korea's most internationally renowned and prestigious University campus's. Our office's are within a new building which has a lot of amenities such as a variety of restaurants (Korean & International), cafes, stores and a movie theater. Our students as you may have surmised, are mainly University students who are both bright and enthusiastic learners. Our offices are within five minute walking distance from tennis courts, new basketball courts, a large modern gym, PNU subway station and many mountain hiking paths. Also the beautiful beaches of Busan are only a twenty minute subway ride away The PNU area has one of the longest established and most dynamic ex pats communities within Busan and Korea.
If you are an outgoing and intelligent person who has a passion for teaching adults. Join us!