YBM Education Inc. YBM Language Institutes is the adult division of YBM Education Inc, a subsidiary of YBM Sisa. Founded by Y.B. Min in 1961 to publish The Study of Current English, YBM Sisa has introduced to the Korean market a vast array of quality English language products.
Today, under the leadership of Dr. Sun Shik Min, YBM Sisa it is the largest publisher and importer of English language study products in Korea. Among its product lines are English language textbooks, dictionaries, DVDs, and online learning systems for both children and adult learners.
To meet the ever-changing demands of learners YBM Language Institutes has committed itself to the development of innovative products and services, expanding its line of text, in-class and Internet delivered products and services. Times have changed, but the goal at YBM Language Institutes remains the same: to develop and to make available to the public the finest in English language study products and testing services.

YBM E4U / Premier / YBM 1 to 1 :
22 YBM Language institutes throughout Korea-catering to university. students and business professionals.

Under the supervision of the Managing Director, Lee Ok Joo and the National Academic Supervisor, Greg Stapleton, YBM Language Institutes offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of adult EFL students. Whether its our Intensive and Semi-Intensive integrated skills programs, YBM Speaking program, YBM Business English program, or YBM TOEIC and iBT TOEFL test preparation classes, YBM Language Institutes helps students interested in developing their English language proficiency.

Curricula for programs offered on a nationwide basis are set by head office, while special purpose courses -- English for Academic Purposes, Academic Writing, Business Writing, Interview Preparation, and YBM Screen English -- have their syllabi developed by instructors within each school. Instructors are required to use the designated course materials, as well as to use supplementary materials available from each school’s extensive resource library. All textbooks, reference materials, teacher’s guides, and audio/visual equipment needed for instruction are provided by each YBM Language Institute.

All new instructors will receive paid orientation and training from the YBM National Teacher Trainer as well as from their school’s native-speaking Academic Supervisor. Workshops conducted throughout the year by the teacher-trainer, supervisors, and senior teachers help to ensure that instructors receive the development opportunities necessary to their professional success.

Sample Contract
Employment Agreement for YBM Instructor
This EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT has been made this _______________by and between YBM Si-sa Language Institute _________________; having its office at ____________________________(hereinafter referred to as "employer"); and ____________________, a citizen of ________________, whose address is _________________________________

1.0 - Employer and employee agree as follows:
Employee accepts employment from employer to teach the English language under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement for a period of twelve full and consecutive teaching sessions. Employment commences from the first day of session instruction _________________ - ____________________________ and finishes on the last teaching day of the last teaching session covered under this agreement. If requested, the employee will arrive 14 - 17 days prior to the starting date for training and orientation.

2.0 - During the term of this agreement, employee is required to prepare, teach, and carry out all required administrative duties\ connected with classes assigned by employer. The minimum teaching requirement is 120 / 50-minute classes per month. (100 actual teaching hours). Monday through Friday are regularly scheduled teaching days, except for scheduled public holidays and vacation days. Employer will have the authority to require employee to perform paid teaching duties in excess of the minimum teaching requirement (six, actual 50- minute classes per day), such excess being no more than an average of two classes per day. The employee will be required to teach up to eight (8) Saturday sessions during the contractual term at the rate of 25,000 won per each 50-minute period.

2.1 - Total teaching hours in excess of the minimum requirement are calculated in each session as overtime payment. Payment made for assigned teaching hours is inclusive of payment for preparation and administrative duties Connected with the assigned classes. Employee agrees to take orientation and training, attend meetings and seminar/ workshops scheduled by employer with no overtime pay.

2.2 - Employee is responsible for the return of all teaching materials (including textbooks, tapes, CD’s, tape players) on a session basis. At all times during the term of this agreement employee will directly adhere to and obey all the rules and regulations that have been or may hereafter be established by employer for the conduct of employee or generally for the conduct of instructors at the place of employment

Compensation and Other Treatment of Employee
3.1 - Salary: Employer will pay employee a yearly salary of __________ won. The yearly salary will be divided into 12 payments of __________ won Overtime payment is made at the rate of _______ won / per actual 50 minute period. Teaching salary will commence from the first day of teaching. When an employee is absent from scheduled teaching duties, salary will be deducted according to the employee’s overtime rate. Korean income taxes and Korean National Pension Scheme deductions will be withheld. Salary payments will be made on or before the seventh day of the month following the teaching session during which the services were provided.

3.1.2 - Severance payment : Employer will pay the employee a severance payment equivalent to one month’s salary upon the successful completion of the terms of this agreement. No part of the severance payment will be paid unless the employee completes the full (12-session) one-year contract.

3.2 - Transportation : Employer will provide for employee an economy class ticket for passage to Korea from an international airport mutually agreed to by employer and employee (henceforth referred to as point of departure). On completion of the full contract period, employer will provide for employee an economy class ticket for passage from Korea to point of departure. In the event that employee continues employment under a subsequent employment agreement with employer, the return air ticket will be provided at the time of completion of the subsequent contract period(s) only. For employees hired in Korea, a visa run to Japan will be arranged and paid for by the employer. Air ticket provided cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent or transferred to persons other than employee. Employer does not agree to, and is not liable for, compensation to employee, whether in cash or otherwise, for air tickets not used by employee.

3.3 - Holidays and Vacation : Employee will be entitled to observe public holidays and receive vacation days during the contract term according to a yearly schedule provided by employer before the commencement of the year to which the schedule refers. In addition, there are between eight to ten (8-10) vacation days in each calendar year.

3.4 - Sick Leave : Salary is maintained, according to the limitations below, when employee is absent from teaching duties because of illness. For an employment term of twelve sessions, the sick leave allowance is 6 (six) 50-minute teaching periods.

3.5 - Medical Insurance : Employee will be covered by medical benefits under the Korean Medical Insurance Union, a Government Health Organization. The cost of this coverage will be borne half by employer and half by employee. Employee’s share of this coverage will be deducted monthly from employee's salary.

3.6 - Non Payment of Accident Compensation : In the event that employee sustains injuries from an accident or mishap which occurs outside the course of normal work duties; employee understands and agrees that employer will have no responsibility for, nor obligation to pay, medical and hospital costs which are in excess of those covered by medical insurance.

3.7 - Housing : Employer will provide Key money up to 10 million won towards the deposit on housing. A key money addendum will be applicable for the key money. The Employee will be responsible for monthly rent, utilities and furniture.
Dismissal or Voluntary Resignation
4.1 - Employer will have the right to dismiss employee for unwillingness or inability to meet conditions of employment as set out under this agreement, for conduct seriously jeopardizing any student or staff person, or for criminal activity.

4.2 - In the event that the employee is dismissed, the employer will do so with a minimum of a 30 day notice and pay salary due as of date of termination. Further, employer will be entitled to withhold an amount less than or equivalent to, but not exceeding the cost of airfare provided for travel to Korea, In the event that employee was recruited in South Korea and it was necessary for employee to leave South Korea and return to obtain a visa. Employer will be entitled to withhold from the final salary payment the cost of the round trip together with any other expenses incurred by the employer in connection there with. Should the employee fail to fulfill the obligation for the 30 days, the employee will be held responsible for all tuition refunds If there is a need to close the employee’s classes in the middle of the session.

4.3 - In the event that the employee voluntarily resigns prior to the expiration of the term of this agreement, the employee will do so with a minimum of a 30 day notice and only be paid salary due as of date of termination of the contract. Employer will not pay the cost of return transportation to point of departure for employee. Further, employer will be entitled to withhold an amount less than or equivalent to, but not exceeding, the cost of airfare provided for travel to Korea. In the event that the employee was recruited in South Korea and it was necessary for employee to leave South Korea and return to obtain a visa, employer will be entitled to withhold from the final salary payment the cost of the round trip together with any other expenses incurred by the employer in connection therewith. Should the employee fail to fulfill the obligation for the 30 days, the employee will be held responsible for all tuition refunds if there is a need to close the employee’s classes in the middle of the session.

5.1 - Employee hereby agrees, covenants, and undertakes that he/she will not, during the period of the agreement or prior to its earlier termination, undertake any teaching duties or employment with any persons or organizations other than employer. To undertake such employment will result in termination of the contract and is a breach of Korean Immigration law and can have serious consequences.

5.2 - Employee understands and agrees that the rights to use, sale, distribution, or publication of all original material produced by the employee during course of employee's employment, and for which employee is compensated as either regular pay, as overtime, or in an agreed-upon amount, remain the sole property of employer.

6.1 This agreement will be interpreted according to the internal (domestic) laws of the Republic of Korea. A competent court in the Republic of Korea will have jurisdiction in regard to any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, this agreement.

Employer and employee have executed this agreement on the date indicated below. Intending to be legally bound thereby, and in witness whereof, employer and employee have appended their signatures.

________________________________~~~~~~~~~________________________________ Employer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Employee ________________________________~~~~~~~~~________________________________ Date~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Date
Will I get any training before I start teaching?
Yes, shortly after arriving in Korea, you will participate in paid orientation and training sessions. This takes place in the 3rd week of the month prior to teaching your first class, at the Jongno Center in Seoul. During the orientation period you will be housed in a motel near the center. Once the sessions have been completed you will return to your school, and receive 80,000 Won per day of orientation attendance. Orientation modules include “Teaching / Living in Korea”, “Lesson Planning”, “Using Core Materials”, and “Teaching Test Preparation classes”. In addition, you will observe classes in sessions and have the opportunity to receive feedback on teaching those same classes.

Throughout the duration of your contract, you will also be required to attend professional development seminars and teachers’ meetings. These are conducted by your Academic Supervisor or a Senior Instructor on a monthly basis. Payment for these seminars is considered part of your base salary.

What is the curriculum for YBM?
YBM instructors share a commitment to the communicative approach, attempting to assist students in the development of their English language proficiency through the use of authentic and function-based language and materials. Teachers at YBM are encouraged to adapt texts, as well as use multi-media materials to make for a more engaging and meaningful classroom experience.

All E4U branches use the English Connections series, developed in-house especially for our YBM Speaking classes. The series provides a framework for a six-level, general conversation program for adults, focusing on the development of oral accuracy and fluency. Pair / group interactive exercises are a key component of this series, along with thematically related lessons, and task-based activities.

The highly-popular Market Leader series is our core text for YBM Business English classes. With its balanced approach to conversation and skills development this series continues to meet the needs of both business professionals and students about to enter the job market. Its use of case studies and authentic material drawn from the Financial Times ensures a high level of student interest.

YBM Intensive and Semi-Intensive classes use the following texts series to activate and enhance the language skills needed for academic studies:

Speaking ----------- World Link, World Pass
Structure ----------- World Link, World Pass
Listening ----------- Impact Listening, Take On Listening
Reading / Writing ---- Reason to Write

In addition to these texts, YBM instructors serve as an important source of materials for courses such as English for Academic Purposes, Interview Preparation, TOEIC Speaking & Writing, and SEPT Preparation.