YBM Education/YBM branches

YBM e4u Language Institute
Senior Instructor : Mr. Ujin Jun
Contact: T(822) 2276 0509 F(822) 2273 5082 e4uteacher@ybmsisa.co.kr
5-3 Kwanchol dong, Chongno gu, Seoul Korea 110-111

YEC e4u is situated in the heart of Seoul in the Chongno area. If you are curious about Korean culture there are plenty of places to keep yourself busy:
gyms, clubs, restaurants, parks to name a few.
Our faculty room is relaxed, and the teachers are supportive and understanding. Our dress code is business casual: slacks, shirts and shoes,
appropriate dress for women. As well, should you choose to teach on Saturday, classes are compensated at a premium to most
other schools. Further, YEC e4u offers only one-hour conversation classes, so if you aren’t an aficionado of the reading/writing or 2hr conversation class,
then e4u could be the place for you.



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