YBM Education

YBM Premier

Academic Supervisor: Dr. Anne Hilty
Phone contact: 82-2-2091-0509
Fax: 82-2-2279-0507
Email: ybmpremier@gmail.com
56-11 Jongno 2-ga, Jongno-gu
Seoul 110-772 ROK

YBM Premier is the newest member of the YBM family of schools. YBM Premier strives to provide an academically rigorous English education in a luxurious and high-tech atmosphere. Located in Jongno, the heart of downtown Seoul and a vibrant ESL destination, YBM Premier is nestled between Insadong and the Cheongye Stream and is convenient to many metro and bus lines.

There are four features that make our school unique: our teachers, students, curriculum, and assessment. Our teachers are among the most highly qualified in Korea and our hiring criteria, as well as classroom performance standards, are designed to maintain this reputation. Teachers thrive in an atmosphere of collegial relationships that focus on individual as well as school success, and professional development is a primary focus. Our learners are an equal blend of university students and members of the professional community, sharing a commitment to their own learning. We have a set curriculum originally designed by a team of teacher-writers and continually improved upon by additional writers who are members of the current faculty. Our assessment of students is the fourth factor in the commitment of YBM Premier to education. Learners are initially placed by test results into language micro-levels which further divide the standard macro-levels in order to give precision to our instructional delivery; their language skills continue to be assessed by the instructors in every class.

Our flagship program is Communications, which focuses on speaking and listening skills; in addition, we offer Business Skills, Practical Writing, Business Writing and Presentation, Interview Preparation, Media English, and TOEFL Speaking and Writing Test Preparation. Class size is limited to 8 students and classes are 80 minutes in length. We offer a variety of free classes ("social clubs") for existing students to further improve their skills, and we provide specialty classes as the need is identified. Some of our specialty classes, on student request with a typical class size of 1-4, include Medical English, Legal English, Interview Preparation for Specialized Purposes, Industry-specific English, Academic English for Professors, Debate Skills, Academic / Scientific Writing, MBA Preparation, and more. Several new programs are being developed, to include a detailed and rigorous English for Academic Purposes intensive program (to be launched in January) and another intensive program in collaboration with an Ivy-League university from the USA.

Benefits and working conditions for instructors are highly competitive; details will be freely discussed with qualified applicants. We welcome your inquiry.

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