YBM Teaching Methodology

YBM expects that teachers will conduct themselves professionally. That is not to say that the classes should be stiff and boring. To the contrary, classes should be entertaining, informative, and educational. Topics to be discussed should be pertinent and relevant to the lesson being taught.

Classes are textbook-based. Generally, it is assumed that teachers will be using the textbook 60% of the time in class. This is an approximate figure and changes class by class, depending on students' abilities and desires. The general practice is to use the textbook enough to cover the necessary focus points, but not enough to bore them or stifle their creativity. The remaining 40% of class time should be devoted to supplementary activities and in higher-level classes, open discussion or activities created by the students themselves.

It is crucial for teachers to be active in class. Getting out from behind the desk is very important;
this creates an intimate environment and brings the students closer to each other and to the teacher. Formality in a classroom has its place but "casualness" can be an effective teaching tool.

Focus Points for the EFL - Conversation Classroom

· Create a comfortable learning environment
· Sequence activities from easy to more challenging
· Work on developing students' self-confidence (positive feedback)
· Opt for asking for explanation rather than confrontation in discussions

· Provide students with a structured learning experience
· Preplanned lessons that utilize a routine/framework
· Classroom practices that raise the students' awareness of the classroom objectives
· Review at the end of the class and at the beginning of the following class

· Encourage active learning inside and outside the classroom
· Focus on developing students' English through a variety of interactive exercises/tasks
· Make homework a part of the learning experience

· Focus on developing communicative competence
· Balanced development of fluency and accuracy, along with exposure to authentic language in context

· Monitor language use/usage and provide corrective feedback
· Monitor errors and difficulties and review these after the exercise/task has been completed
· Focus on providing feedback in a way that does not impede communication - after the task/exercise


The office staff is responsible for the sale and distribution of all textbooks to the students. Books will be sold by the administration staff. Students must purchase designated textbooks for your classes, Do not photocopy textbooks, or portions of textbooks, for students who have not purchased their textbooks. Teachers must use the chart and cover designated chapters. Do not skip or ignore the syllabus.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the allocated textbooks with materials from outside the other programs. This means that you should not be using textbooks from other levels or other programs to supplement the class that you are teaching.

One-Hour Conversation Course

This YBM program is designed for students who wish to practice their spoken English. Although the textbooks may include other activities, the emphasis is on conversation. Please keep this in mind when planning your lessons.

Two-hour Conversation Course

This YBM program is designed to help students become better English speakers, and although the emphasis is on conversation, elements of grammar, listening and reading/writing may also be covered.

Semi-Intensive Course (3 Hours A Day)

The Semi-Intensive course takes two months to complete each level. Two teachers are designated for each class. One teacher is responsible for two hours of instruction: conversation/structure and audio/video lab segments. The other teacher teaches one hour of reading and writing.

Intensive Course (6 hours a day)

The course at each level is one-month, and upon full completion of the course, students graduate to the next level. Students are tested at each level to ensure academic standards are maintained, and that students' ability is uniform within each class. Four teachers are designated for different components of the program.

YBM Special Classes

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