Frequently Asked Questions
1. Applying to YBM
2. Hiring process
3. Accommodations
4. Finding teacher contacts at YBM
5. Employee benefits
6. Work schedule/professional development
7. Academic programs


  Who is YBM?
  YBM Education is Korea’s largest language school and publishing company. The Education sector focuses on language schools offering YBM Intensive courses, conversation, Business English, writing, and listening courses, TOEIC, TOEFL, SEPT, and AMERICAN MEDICAL test prep courses, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language courses. Our facilities vary from one school to another, providing 1, 2, 3, and 6-hour/day classes.
  What are the requirements to become a teacher at your institute?
  A minimum of a four-year university degree. Applicants with a teaching certificate in ESL or education and/or prior EsL/EFL teaching experience are preferred. We may consider hiring those who have no prior teaching experience.
  How do I apply?
   In the left column of our main page, click on the “APPLY ON-LINE” button. You will then see instructions to follow for foreigners and for F4 visa holders. Please ensure to complete all required fields otherwise, your application will be delayed. You will need to scan and attach the following documents to this page:
* a formal, updated resume
* university degree and all relevant certificates
* passport information page with photo
* recent photo of yourself


   How long does it take for me to get hired by YBM?
   When we receive and review all the necessary documents online, we will
complete a reference check on those candidates who are interviewed.
The supervisor will contact the applicant with a decision within a week or two. Once the applicant accepts the offer of employment, it normally takes 4 ? 6 weeks for the whole work visa process. If any of the required documents are missing, your application process will not be fully considered and/or will be delayed.
  How do you arrange my flight to and from Korea?
  YBM will purchase a one-way ticket from the nearest International airport to Korea (Seoul, Busan or Daegu) through our travel agency in Korea. You will be able to pick up your paper ticket at the nearest designated airline office in your country. Flight reservations are made once we receive confirmation of your visa issuance form the Korean Immigration office. Your Academic Supervisor will be at the airport to pick you up upon your arrival to Korea.
Upon completion of your contract term, YBM will book a flight back to Your original point of departure.
  How do you assist incoming instructors with accommodation?
  Upon arrival in Korea, teachers are placed in a motel/room near the designated YBM institute (up to 1 week). During this period, you are free to find your accommodation and location of choice. Your school will help with possible locations and real estate agents to start you off. YBM will assist new instructors with up to 10 Million Won Key Money for an apartment.
  Can I E-mail someone who is currently teaching at your institute?
  Yes, once the academic supervisor has expressed interest in your profile, you will be given several E-mail addresses of current instructors whom you can contact for additional queries.
  What if I have a problem, who do I approach?
  Your primary contact during your stay will be your Academic Supervisor. All YBM supervisors are native English speakers from around the world, and like yourself, foreigners working in Korea.
  When do I get paid?
  The teacher’s pay is according to the Korean system of monthly pay. YBM guarantees that your salary will be deposited on or before the evening of the 7th, of the following month. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a pay stub that includes your income and deductions paid.
  How much do I pay in deductions?
  You are deducted according to standard rates set by the Korean government. This includes income tax, residence tax, national pension, and health insurance, totaling approximately 10 ? 12% of your gross monthly salary.
  How much can I expect to save per month?
  This all depends on your personal lifestyle. Generally, teachers can save anywhere from 300, 000 to over 1, 000, 000 Won each month.
  Do I get health insurance?
  Yes, medical coverage is available for all full-time contract employees by the Korean Medical Insurance Union. We are governed by the same regulations as Koreans regarding premium rates, payment of benefits and coverage. The cost for medical insurance is approximately 3% of the gross monthly salary; the employee and employer each pay half of this cost.
  Can I get vacation days?
  YBM schedules 8 - 10 “Session Vacation” days throughout a calendar year. There are also about 10 - 14 National holidays in a given calendar year which are non-teaching days. In the first year of employment, a teacher cannot take vacation days outside of these dates.
  Do I get a severance payment?
  Upon completion of 12 full teaching sessions, you are entitled to severance payment, which is equivalent to one month’s salary. This will be deposited as a separate payment with your final pay.
  Can I get a discount to take a language class?
  Yes, all employees of YBM, including native English instructors are entitled to 50% off of any language course you take (Chinese, Japanese). You must inform your Academic Supervisor at least 2 weeks in advance in order to get the discount.
  What would a normal workday be like for me?
  Your schedule is based on seniority (although not exclusively so). The average workday would be to teach 2 to 4 hours in the morning, starting at 6:30 or 7:00AM then come back to work at 6PM and finish by 9:50PM, Monday to Friday. Saturday classes are optional teaching hours (with a slightly higher hourly rate) should you wish to work overtime. A full-time instructor works 6 hours per day, but may be scheduled to work up to 2 additional hours if needed. Those additional 2 hours would be considered overtime pay.
  Who would I teach?
  YBM institutes cater to primarily university students and business professionals. The average age of our students is between 19 and 40 years old. If you are more inclined to teach children, we have a children’s chain of institutes. (Contact
  What are the class sizes?
  YBM schools allocate a minimum and maximum number of students per class. Normally, there is a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 students in each class.
  Will I get any training before I start teaching?
  Yes, shortly after arriving in Korea, you will be given an orientation and training sessions. The training normally takes 2 to 3 days prior to the start of your first month. Throughout the duration of your contract, you will also be required to attend professional development seminars and teachers’ meetings. Payment for these seminars is considered part of your base salary.
  Do you provide all the necessary materials for classroom instruction?
  YBM has a set curriculum for each type of course, complete with sample Student’s Books, Teachers’ Guides, and CDs/cassette tapes. We also encourage teachers to be creative and use their own materials to supplement their classes. Each YBM school has a supplemental resource library with extra material for listening, reading/writing, grammar and speaking activities.
  What is the curriculum for YBM?
  The YBM branches use the Network series, an in-house series of textbooks for the Intensive and Semi-intensive courses. For the 1 and 2-hour courses, the textbooks used are (Rupert to fill in)
The Education Centers use the “Cutting Edge” series for all course levels.
Depending on the type of class to teach, most of the classes will have specific units to cover in the textbook for each level.
  Who are my colleagues?
  YBM hires qualified instructors from all over the world, where English is the official language. From the United States and Canada to New Zealand and Australia, our teachers have diverse backgrounds and yet one common interest to teach quality English. The average age of teachers ranges from recent university graduate to those in their mid 40’s.