Job Title: English Instructor

Job Summary

Reporting directly to the Academic Supervisor, the Instructor is responsible for planning, teaching and evaluating assigned classes in accordance with YBM curriculum, with assistance from the AS, Instructional Specialists and Senior Instructors; for maintaining student class records; for fulfilling administrative duties as required and / or assigned by the Academic Supervisor; and for participating in professional development activities such as workshops; meetings and assisting new instructors.

Job Duties

The English Instructor is specifically responsible for performing the following duties :
1. To teach structure / teaching practice, conversation, reading, writing, language laboratory and other English
... classes as assigned.
2. To prepare lesson plans and exercises.
3. To test, evaluate and counsel the students regarding their classroom performance.
4. To coordinate instruction, attendance records and evaluation with other instructors.
5. To maintain a classroom environment conducive to learning.
6. To know and adhere to company policy and procedures, and to communicate these policies to new Instructors.
7. To dress appropriately according to the dress code set by the head office on school grounds.
8. To complete administrative paperwork as requested / assigned.
9. To maintain attendance records.
10. To help maintain center resources and files.
11. To be willing to observe other teachers and to be observed by other teachers for the purposes of professional
.... development.
12. To participate in administrative meetings and professional developments activities.
13. To participate in the employee evaluation process (Student evaluations, classroom observations and follow-up
..... discussions and the performance appraisal process.)
14. To provide new Instructors with assistance.
15. To participate in activities during the Instructors scheduled class hours and, when requested, to disseminate
..... information about after-class activities.
16. To contribute to the maintenance of neat and tidy classrooms, staff work room and lounge.
17. To substitute in emergency situations when there is no reasonable alternative to the Academic Supervisor.

Limits of Authority
1. The Instructor cannot change standardized YBM curriculum without the prior approval of the Academic Supervisor.

Job Specifications
1. The Instructor cannot change standardized YBM curriculum without the prior approval of the Academic Supervisor.
2. The instructor cannot change class time or classroom without prior approval of the Academic Supervisor.
3. The instructor cannot change students' levels without approval of the Academic Supervisor.
4. The instructor cannot assign other teachers to substitute classes without prior approval of the Academic
... Supervisor.