* 12 teaching sessions (approximately 1 year)

* A yearly salary of 26,000,000 won to 31,200,000 won per year, based on education and teaching experience.
..(A monthly salary of 2,000,000 won to 2,400,000 won - i.e. an applicant with a BA in English/Education with
.. 3 years of F/T formal ESL teaching experience could receive 2,400,000 won/mo for 6hrs/ day, 2,800,000 won/mo
.. for 7 hrs per/day and 3,200,000/mo for 8 hrs/day.)
* Another Contract is available for those who wish to work Mon - Sat at a higher salary.

* An extra month's salary (severance pay) is given for each full and only full year of employment. The total yearly
..salary in the contract includes the severance pay.

* YBM offers housing assistance to teachers:
.. Private accommodation, chosen by the teacher. YBM will deposit with the landlord up to 10 Million Won Key
...Money towards an apartment and location of the teacher’s choice. Each teacher is responsible for the monthly
...rental payments for the whole duration of the apartment lease.
* Teachers are responsible for making all maintenance and utilities fees for their
..There will also be a Security Deposit of 100,000 Won deducted from the salary during the first three
..months of employment (for a total of 300, 000 Won) as a deposit to cover unpaid monthly service, utilities and
..telephone fees. Upon completion of the employment contract and apartment lease, the security deposit is returned in
..full if all utility fees have been paid for in full; or the remainder remitted to the teacher after all outstanding monthly
..service, utilities and telephone charges have been paid.
* A teacher can also choose to live in a boarding house (rent usually includes a Korean style breakfast and dinner).
..The rent ranges from 300,000 won and up.

* Air ticket will be provided from point of hire to Korea, and upon successful completion, return ticket will be provided
..back to point of hire.
* For local (within Korea) hires, tickets to Japan will be provided to obtain a work visa.

* Health Insurance
* 50% Korean language lessons at YBM in downtown Seoul
* Motel Accommodation upon immediate arrivals (up to 1 week)
* Severance pay inclusive of your total yearly salary
* 8-10 YBM holidays + all National holidays
* For 2nd year continuing instructors: raise, completion bonus, and severance pay
* For 3rd year + (Same as above + Vacation pay)

Deductions withheld automatically from your monthly salary are: Korean income and residence tax,
social security tax, and medical insurance. Income tax on basic monthly salary is approximately 5-7%.
Social security tax and medical insurance are 6% and 1.5%, respectively, of monthly wages.

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