Program Descriptions and Textbook Allocations

Posted to the left of the Teacher’s Guide library in the Teachers’ Room, you will find the curriculum listed for each of our courses.
Textbook allocation charts are also included in this booklet, but please check the posted allocations frequently and monitor memos posted in the Teachers’ Room for curriculum changes.

A Note about Program Codes

Numbers designate the various programs and classes at YBM. Each number contains two key pieces of information. The first number indicates how many months each level in that program will take to complete while the last number tells you the students’ level from lowest, 1 to highest, 9. The middle “zero” is a spacer and contains no information. Thus, “401” refers to a beginner level class that requires four months per level to complete.

YBM International Language Courses

YBM International, based in Princeton, New Jersey is an international organization that has schools throughout the world. There are ten YBM schools in Korea owned and operated by YBM Sisa-Yong-O-Sa. At these schools, the official YBM programs are the 3-hour-a-day (Semi-Intensive) and the 6-hour-a-day (Intensive) courses. An YBM certificate of level 9 completions is accepted in lieu of a TOEFL score at a number of universities in Canada and the United States.

Intensive Course (6 Hours A Day)

This YBM International program is designed for students who wish to improve all facets of English language ability. The program is structured around four basic components: conversation, structure, reading/writing, and audio/visual lab. Please be aware of the focus of the component that you are teaching.

The Intensive course is divided into 9 levels, from 101 (Beginner) to 109 (High Advanced) and the teaching responsibilities are divided between four teachers. The breakdown in terms of time spent on each segment is as follows:

Conversation 40 hours (two hours per day, for 20days)
Structure 20 hours (one hour per day, for 20 days)
Audio/Video 20 hours (one hour per day, for 20 days)
Reading/Writing 40 hours (two hours per day, for 20 days)

Semi-Intensive Course (3 Hours A Day)

The Semi-Intensive course is structured similarly to the Intensive course, except that each level takes two months to complete. Two teachers teach each class. One teacher is responsible for two hours of instruction: conversation, structure and audio/video lab segments. The other teacher teaches one hour of reading and writing. The division of time allotted to the different segments is:

Conversation 20 hours (one hour per day, for 20 days)
Structure 10 hours (one hour per day, for 10 days)
Audio/video 10 hours (one hour per day, for 10 days)
Reading/Writing 20 hours (one hour per day, for 20 days)

YBM Sisa Language Courses

One-Hour Course

This YBM Sisa-Yong-O-Sa program is designed for students who wish to practice their spoken English. Although the textbooks may have other activities, the emphasis is on conversation, not on grammar or writing. Please keep this in mind while lesson planning.

This is a six-level course, from 401 (Beginner) to 406 (High Intermediate) with each level taking four months to complete. The four months are coded as “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”. Note that an “A” month is the first month, and that students might be a little lower than you would expect if they have just registered and it is a “C” month. During a “D” month, the opposite occurs, and you may find yourself with students who seem higher than the level. The reasoning behind this is that the courses are consecutive in nature, so the student may be able to function in the next level, but as this is the final month, it is better for the student to complete the level below and start the next level fresh.

Two-hour Course

This YBM Sisa-Yong-O-Sa program is designed to help students become better English speakers, and although the emphasis is on conversation, elements of grammar, listening and reading/writing may also be covered.

This is a three-month course, with levels ranging from 301 (Beginner) to 309 (High Advanced). As it is a two-hour class, there is more opportunity for the students to engage in conversation (either in small groups or as a class) as well as pair-work and other activities.

The course will be taught in either an “A”, “B” or “C” month, with “A” month being the first. Like the one-hour program, you might find that a student is a little lower than you would expect if they have just registered and it is a “B” month. During a “C” month, the opposite occurs, and you may find yourself with students who seem higher than the level. The reasoning behind this is as explained for the one hour program.

Supplementing the Allocated Textbook

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the allocated textbooks with materials from outside the other programs. This means that you should not be using textbooks from other levels or other programs to supplement the class that you are teaching.

Resource Library

All the materials necessary for the instruction of classes are available in the resource library located in the Faculty Room.

Videos (Not available in all schools)

There is an extensive collection of English language movies in the administrative office that may be signed out for use in the classroom.
Many of the movies are not subtitled in Korean. Please sign the movies out on the form provided and have someone in the administrative office initial the movie(s) back in when you return them.

VCR’s, TV’s, And Cassette Players

VCR’s, TV’s, and Cassette players are available for teacher’s use in the classroom. Cassette players are bolted into each classroom. If the cassette player is missing or not working, please inform the Academic Supervisor.

TV’s and VCR’s are located in the hallways on each floor. Teachers must reserve units well in advance by writing the date and time that they are reserving the unit for, the room number, and their names on the whiteboard. It is the teacher’s responsibility to move the unit into the appropriate classroom. Please note that some units may be reserved everyday for those Intensive or Semi-Intensive lab classes that are taught in the classroom rather than in a language lab.

“Network” Tests

Although it is based on the Intensive Class textbook “Network”, this standard test is given to all classes in levels 1 - 6 in the appropriate month. The test covers basic listening and structure in a multiple-choice format. The test is not difficult and should take 45 minutes to complete.
On test day, the Senior Conversation teacher will provide you with the test booklets and answer sheets. Remind your students ahead of time to
bring pencils and erasers and to show up on time. Due to the increasing number of students who are arriving late for classes, the test cannot be
“made up” at a later date (unless an urgent and forewarned situation occurs).

Written Passages

For all levels of Intensive or Semi-Intensive there is a written passage test. Teachers are given two writing topics to write on the whiteboard.
The students must write on ONE of these two topics. The written passage should be at least one page long and follow the level’s requirements for
style and form, as well as good punctuation, spelling and grammar. This passage should take about 45 minutes to complete.

Interview Tests

These tests are only given to students in levels 3, 6 and 9 (these are certificate levels). The tests vary according to level. Answers are scored on
a range of 1 - 5 and an overall total is calculated. A typical level 3-interview test will take 5 - 10 minutes to complete and involves 10 questions.
Level 6 tests take longer to complete, about 10 -15 minutes and are much more comprehensive. There are four sections and about 20 questions.
The sections range from simple questions to guided free talking on specified subjects. The level 9-completion test is quite long, taking up to 30 minutes
to conduct. There are five sections with nearly 40 questions, requiring a range of responses from simple answers to open discussion.

“In Context” Tests

For Intensive and Semi-Intensive classes in levels 3 and 6 there is an “In Context” test, based on the reading and writing textbook “In Context”.
This test should take about 45 minutes to conduct. The Senior Reading and Writing teacher will provide the teachers with test materials on test day.