During the last week of session, you must fill out a “Schedule Request” and turn it in to the Academic Supervisor by Day 17. The “Schedule Request” form allows you to indicate what levels and classes you prefer to teach, what times you would like to work, and any special circumstances that you would like taken into consideration. Submitting a schedule request does not guarantee that you will get the schedule that you have requested - but it does guarantee that you will receive a schedule. Scheduling at YBM is done on the last business day of the month (often a Saturday) before the next session begins. This is awkward but unavoidable. Due to the tendency of students to register at the last minute, some classes cannot be opened and scheduled before the new month begins. It is an unfortunate fact that nearly 50% of our students register in the first week of classes, thus individual teachers’ schedules may change during the first few days of the session. The Academic Supervisor will try to have a schedule ready on either the day immediately before a new session or on the Saturday before, depending on the calendar for the month. Your patience and understanding during this stressful time is highly appreciated. See below for the YBM policy regarding the writing of the schedule.

Scheduling Policy

The Academic Supervisor determines teachers’ work schedules. Instructors are contractually obligated to accept up to 160 hours per month (8 hours per day).

While every effort is made to accommodate individual teacher requests, the needs of the school come first. Teachers should understand that scheduling often requires last minute changes, making the whole process very complicated. Please note that teaching outside of YBM requires the Academic Supervisor’s and the Institute Manager’s signed approval prior to the start of the teaching job. Teaching for non-Sisa employers is illegal under the conditions of your E-2 teaching visa and will lead to your immediate dismissal.

The following criteria are used in assigning the schedule:

Seniority - Seniority is one of several criteria used in attempting to schedule all teachers fairly. However, it is not the only one and may be overruled by other considerations.

Seniority refers to a contract teacher’s length of service at any YBM/Sisa-Yong-O-Sa Institute. Seniority is relevant only for scheduling, specifically in assigning teaching times and sub hours. Seniority is not a binding policy. Teachers cannot make demands of the Academic Supervisor or the administrative staff regarding their schedule or housing based on seniority. Please be aware of this and understand that in no case is seniority a binding clause at the school.

Past schedules - every effort will be made not to schedule someone on split shifts more than four months in a row (although there will be times when it will be unavoidable to do so). This applies across the seniority list.

Special Circumstances - Special circumstances such as, but not limited to, having your parents visit, or Korean classes will be taken into consideration.

Field of expertise - This play a role in scheduling. The more types of classes that you are able to teach the more flexibility the Academic Supervisor has in writing the schedule.

Overtime - If you want overtime you must be available to take a split shift, if necessary, to get it. If you are not prepared to take a split shift, don’t be surprised to see someone else take those hours. This does not mean that you will only get overtime if you take a split shift. If you do need to take a split shift to get overtime, you will be rotated off the split within a month or two, as noted above.

All ECC or other YBM overtime must be pre-approved by the Academic Supervisor and Institute Manager

Finally, any or all of these considerations may be overruled by need. If a teacher is needed from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and you are the only person that can be scheduled to do it, you will be scheduled to teach the class