Nearest Korean Consulate (World-Wide Map):

Visa Application Procedures
1) Apply on line (attach all necessary documents)
2) Upon confirmation of acceptance, the Academic Supervisor will send the contract to the teacher by email.
3) Sign and send by a courier, the contract along with copies of diplomas (BA. BS. MA. MS.) certified by the Korean Consulate (or the original diplomas) and sealed university transcripts. (open envelopes will not be accepted by the Korean Immigration Office)
4) The General Affairs Manager will take all the documents to the Korean Immigration Office and get a visa issuance letter. (This process will take 5-7 working days)
5) The visa issuance letter will be sent to the teacher.
6) Take the visa issuance letter and passport to the nearest Korean Consulate to receive the E-2 visa.

When the process is finished, the flight to Korea will be booked by YBM. The employee will need to arrive 5-7 days prior to the first day of the session for orientation and training.

For Korean-American or Korean-Canadian applicants
Korean-Americans and Korean-Canadians need to apply for F-4 visas. F-4 application requires the mother or father’s “Ho Juk Deung Bon,” a copy of this can be attained in Korea at the satellite district office where the parents resided prior to leaving Korea. To apply for the form, the following information is needed: Mother/Father’s full name, old Korean ID # and old Korean address. After the form is obtained, it needs to be taken to the Korean Immigration Office, along with passport, photo and copy of naturalization papers or U.S./Canada birth certificate.

Green card holders can only be offered part-time work. Some green card holders can receive “in house” contracts after 3 months of working part-time. There are 2 different pay systems:
1) Hourly rate of 15,000 won per hour
2) Commission pay system for employees with minimum of 2 years of teaching experience, fluent in both Korean and English.

Lost or stolen passports must be reported to the Korean Immigration within 2 weeks or be subjected to a fine of 100,000 won.

Re-entry visas
During the term of the contract, teachers who wish to travel abroad must purchase re-entry visas in order to re-enter Korea. These can be obtained at the Immigration office or international airports in Korea. The cost for single re-entry visa is 30,000 won and multiple re-entry visa is 50,000 won. It is the responsibility of the teacher to obtain the visa.

Residence cards
In the first week of your employment, teachers are taken to the immigration office to register for an Alien Registration Card. Teachers will receive the card within a week. It is required by law for all residents to carry this card at all times.

If the Alien registration card is lost or stolen, it can easily be replaced by reporting it at a police station and getting an official report. The official report and passport can be given to the Academic Supervisor and he will have the General Affairs Manager apply for a new card.